SHADY GROVE - groove cello

Learn to groove on Shady Grove

Shady Grove - for solo groove cello


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How to play Shady Grove? The tune is easy. The groove is awesome. Master this tune in the key of D minor.

This course contains 17 videos including demos, walkthroughs, chord charts, technique teaching for right and left hands, practice tools, practice tips, and more.

Sheet music included for 5 lessons.

Sheet music included for the full arrangement for solo cello.

Work at your own pace.


What you'll learn in this course:

  • the melody for Shady Grove in Dm

  • bow patterns (shuffle, scrub, groove grid,  and more)

  • bow techniques (push, double stops, and more)

  • groove and rhythm concepts

  • practice technique for groove play and improvisation

  • bow arm/hand technique

  • left hand technique

  • chords and voicings

  • accompaniment patterns

  • 8 tune variations combining all skills

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced players. Recommend Suzuki book 3 level to professional.

FULL ACCESS - $29.00

secure payments with major credit card

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