Pic from January's Clearfield Salon (Philly)

February 3, 2014

This is one from the Andrea Clearfield Salon where Josh and I played in January.  We played last on a program that was so eclectic, I had no idea whether the audience was going to love or hate our performance.


We started with The Hour, which is a song about remorse.  Great, high energy tune to kick things off.......  nope.  Actually, it's just weird enough that I think folks really started listening!  


I was so nervous my bow was bouncing on the strings.  I was just thinking about all the incredibly interesting performances of the night - the vibraphone solo (unbelievable!), the electronic sounds with improvised dance (every bit as weird as it sounds), the folk trio from PA... and Italy...  (Sunshine Supermen-  check them out!)  Anyway, half way through the song I remembered what I was doing and relaxed a little.  


We also played Rise and Skye, which are two of my favorites to play.  There's just so much playing I get to do in both of those.  We broke it down in the middle of Rise to just jam for a minute - Josh is an incredible improviser.  He says it's just composing really fast.


I'll be posting the rest of the photos from that night pretty quick here.




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