Slow Down

Start Again

 is an album of five tunes for solo cello in different musical styles.

It's a record about being together, especially with those we love. Each of the five tunes is dedicated to a person who has had a profound impact in my life.  Every piece has a style all its own - leaning toward rock, jazz, bluegrass, folk... the cello can capture all of this and then connect song with heart.

1) Entr'Acte - dedicated to my friend Chesney, and incredible musician, actor, and leader.  This was written as part of a collaboration with him, originally intended as part of a stage production we worked together.  It was to serve as the introduction (or entr'acte) to Act 2 of the show!

2) Benjamin - dedicated to my former student, Benjamin, who sees the world very differently from me and has blessed me profoundly with his fearlessness, his courage, his zeal, and his joy.  The core of this tune was created in a lesson, as a call-and-response.  I would not have written it at all, except that he was with me.

3) Nocturne for Colette - dedicated to my daughter

who turned my world upside down, as a newborn does.  When she was a few weeks old I knew that what I had once done in the daytime must now be done at night, and so this nocturne paints a picture of an unusual sort of night.  She's older now, and this tune still sounds like her.

4) Stevens Street - dedicated to my father.  When I was very young he taught band, orchestra, and jazz band at a school on Stevens Street.  I can still picture the band room there where I banged on the drums, climbed on the chairs, and ran amok.  He listened to a lot of jazz in those days, and for years after, and so I did too.  His musicianship has shaped me profoundly and so this one's for him.

5) September - dedicated to my better half.  

When change comes, is there one who is constant?  When we restart, when we try again, is there one who will walk beside us?  My true companion on the searching journey, she has fought me and fought alongside me.  She has pushed me and cajoled me, laughed with me and cheered me on.  September, the anthem of new beginnings, of forgiveness, and of things that remain constant, is dedicated to her.

released August 18, 2017 
Daniel Delaney: cello, vocals, artwork, compositions

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