for cello and string players

How to Learn a Tune (from A to Z)

  • Practical strategies and pointers for learning a tune top to bottom


Learn a tested step-by-step method for learning a new tune (whether folk song or jazz standard) and building new vocabulary around that tune. Move from intro to mastery, from fumbling through to jamming like you've known it your whole life. For early-intermediate through advanced. For first-time tune-learners to veterans.

Groove Playing & Accompaniment Styles

  • How to play in “the groove” and accompany others in a group.


For bowed string players. This workshop teaches you how to establish a rhythmic groove for yourself and your group, whether playing violin, viola, cello, or bass. Learn how to accompany a melody with chords, rhythms, bass lines, and chops. Ideal for intermediate players to advanced, but plenty for beginners to learn too!

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Chop for Cello (1 & 2)

  • Learn to chop on the cello, from intro to expert.


For cellists. Practical exercises to get any cellist producing a crisp and percussive chop. Plus learn various methods for producing a great chop, chop grooves, and developing advanced bow control. Those who are ready can also learn the infamous “triple-chop”. Incorporate this into your accompaniment styles to bring added punch and contrast to all your cello playing, whether solo or with a group. For early-intermediate through advanced.

Improvisation 1

  • How to play “by ear” by applying some simple music theory and finger patterns.


For bowed string players. Find your way within a musical key and play freely, without sheet music. Learn simple melodies and improvise using them as templates. Great for beginners to intermediate players.

Improvisation 2

  • How to improvise over chord changes.


This workshop teaches you how to improvise over the chords in a tune. Build your tool set with harmonic theory, arpeggios, and scales in various styles and keys. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players. 

Practical Music Theory

  • Understand how a tune holds together. What makes it tick?


For all musicians. Uncover the framework behind the music and apply new insights to your playing. Learn about keys, chords, chord progressions, and voice leading. And play them! Great for all levels of musicianship.

Practice Like a Professional

  • Practical strategies you can use today to become more effective in the practice room.     


To be a great player you’ve got to be a great practicer. What’s the difference between playing and practicing? How to learn something quickly. How to learn something with depth. How to build an effective practice routine. Deepen your tone, improve intonation, coordinate your left and right hands. Play with confidence. Perfect for all skill levels. Designed for string players, great for any musician!

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